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Global Rescue Membership

Global Rescue is internationally recognized as the leading provider of advisory, field rescue and evacuation services. Our commitment to assist members from the point of illness or injury, no matter how remote, and our promise to evacuate to your home hospital of choice, is unmatched.

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PLEASE NOTE: These memberships are not valid for travel above the 80th parallel North of the 60th parallel South. Individuals age 75 and older should contact Global Rescue Member Services at +1.617.459.4200.

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Individuals traveling to the polar Arctic (above the 80th parallel North) or Antarctic (below the 60th parallel South) must purchase a Polar Membership. For more information about these memberships and to sign up, please call us at (800) 381-9754 or (617) 459-4200 between 9am and 5pm EST or e-mail and a Global Rescue professional will assist you.