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All drawings will be certified by the accounting offices of Borland Benefield, CPA Officiating accountant Jeff Chandler can be contacted at (205) 802-7212 or
To be eligible to win, you must be a Super Slam Raffle member of Grand Slam Club/Ovis.  You can contact GSCO at (205) 674-0101 to inquire about your membership status. Regular GSCO membership is $60/year. Super Slam Drawing membership is $100/month with a 12 month commitment from join date. For your convenience, you have the option of paying the $1,200 annual membership fee up front.  Those who purchase a Super Slam raffle membership will automatically receive one year membership in GSCO. Current GSCO members who upgrade to a Super Slam drawing membership will receive a one year extension to their GSCO membership.  As long as a member continues participation in the raffle membership, no other dues are necessary to keep membership current. 

Members who sign up for the recurring monthly charge of $100 agree to pay each month for a full 12 month term.  Credit cards will be charged each month before the drawing. If a card is declined, GSCO will make every effort to contact the member.  If new card information cannot be obtained before the drawing, the member will be disqualified for all future drawings until account is brought current.  Upon completion of the initial one-year commitment, memberships will automatically renew at the $100 per month rate, unless GSCO is notified in advance to discontinue the membership.

Each Super Slam member will have only one chance in each drawing for their first year of participation. Regular GSCO members are not included in the Super Slam free hunt drawings. To be included in the 24 free hunt drawings you must be a Super Slam raffle member.  Regular GSCO Memberships are upgradeable to Super Slam raffle memberships at any time. Upgrades may be done by phone: 205-674-0101.
Hunts are fully transferrable and an individual member may win multiple times during the year. Winning does not disqualify a member from future drawings.

It is often possible for winners to upgrade or change the hunt a member wins. Example: if a moose hunt is won, the winner may contact the outfitter to inquire about changing it to a caribou or goat hunt. Further upgrades (even to a sheep hunt) might be possible. It is the winner’s responsibility to work out such a change or upgrade.

It is the winner’s responsibility to contact the outfitter and book the hunt after being notified that they have won.  Winning these hunts is just like purchasing the hunt directly from the outfitter. The winner is responsible for taking the hunt in the year it is designated unless other arrangements are made with the outfitter.

As with a purchased hunt, the winner will be required to make their own transportation arrangements to / from the outfitter’s location.  Winner may also be responsible for other fees associated with bush flights, licenses or tag fees, tips, etc. Winners are expected to tip guides after the hunt.  This is an industry standard and in many cases guides work only for tips.

Winner must take the hunt within two years of drawing date unless approved by both outfitter and GSCO.  Any hunt not taken within two years, and without an extension approval from both GSCO and the outfitter, shall be relinquished back to GSCO.

All hunts are fully guided with only top outfitters. Neither GSCO nor the outfitter guarantees that the hunter will successfully take an animal on their hunt.