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Check out Alain Smith’s new television show “Rugged Expeditions”
Posted by Dave Pridemore | 7.2.14

Long time friend and supporter of GSCO, Alain Smith, is trying something new.  After circling the globe countless times collecting more than 350 big game species and numerous hunting awards (most recently the prestigious Weatherby Award), Alain is launching an exciting new telelvision hunting show.  Alain is also a best selling author, and if his TV show is as good as his hunting books, it will make for terrific viewing.  Rugged Expeditions will air on the Sportsman Channel Saturdays at 10:30am (EST), The show features hunts from around the world, original music written and performed by Alain and his brother Monty Smith and a humorous outlook on what it’s like to hunt over 250 days a year. The first season has...

Welcome Donnie Vincent!
Posted by Cameron Mitchell | 4.8.14

Welcome Donnie Vincent!

Our good friend Donnie Vincent has come on board with Grand Slam Club/Ovis and you will be seeing more from him in future publications of Slam Quest as well as other places associated with GSCO. Like many of you, Donnie is actively seeking the Super Ten and Super Slam of North American Big Game and has some great stories, photos and videos to share. Check out Donnie's bio and photo gallery below.

Donnie Vincent's Bio:

It was in Connecticut where Donnie Vincent grew up that his love of wildlife and hunting really developed. I know what you're thinking, Connecticut? Wildlife? But it was snapping turtles and leopard frogs and garter snakes that instilled his passion for exploration and biology; he...

A cure for the wintertime blues
Posted by Cameron Mitchell | 4.1.14

A cure for the wintertime blues

South Texas Predator Hunt: March 2014

If you’re like me, you find yourself in a bit of a hunting lull during the last part of winter through the beginning of spring. For a lot of people this is usually a time for recharging the batteries after the fall hunting season, then gearing up for turkey season. For some people those few weeks, or even months, are too much to bear and they start itching to squeeze the trigger or release an arrow on an animal. The remedy I have found for such a situation is predator hunting, and one of the best places to get your predator-hunting fix is in South Texas.

The Arrangements: I met Leonard Gonzalez (TX) of LG Hunting Service in Las Vegas at the 2014 Safari Club International...

My new sheep rifle? Still trying to decide…
Posted by Cameron Mitchell | 10.16.13

It's not every day that you get the opportunity to fire the largest caliber shoulder fired rifle in the world, the mighty .700 Nitro Express double rifle. I'm told there are only about 12 of these guns in existance and there have been more people travel outer space than have shot it. The bullet weighs a staggering 1,000 grains and leaves the muzzle at around 2,000 feet per second (Oh, and they cost $125 every time you strike the primer!). Those are the stats of the gun, here are the stats of the shooter: Cameron Mitchell: Height- 6'4", Weight- 230lbs, Brain cells- Not many apparently! Mr. Bill Jones of Birmingham, Alabama owns this rifle and many, many more equally impressive firearms including Ernest...

Shooting Lighted Nocks at 70 yards
Posted by Cameron Mitchell | 7.24.13

I got the Mathews Z7 and video camera out the other night and took a few 70 yard shots. There are some great benefits to using lighted nocks. They help in game/arrow recovery, provide better feedback on shot placement and they look really cool! There are several great nocks on the market today and the ones I'm shooting here are the Easton Tracers. They glow very bright and have an long battery life. You can learn more about this product here: ( ENJOY! - Cameron Mitchell

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