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»Super Slam - Super Twenty Five

What is Super 25?

The Super Ten and Super Slam were introduced to GSCO members in late 2009. Exactly two years later, in fall 2011, the Super 25 was added to GSCO's family of Slams. Simply put, one must have completed a Super Ten to be eligible for the Super 25. Once all ten categories have been represented, a member can add any fifteen other big game trophies from the Super Slam list to qualify for the Super 25.

Many North American big game hunters may never have the opportunity to complete a Super Slam. Completing a Super Slam continues to become more difficult for different reasons, including polar bear import permits becoming harder or impossible to acquire, and certain big game trophy hunts becoming more difficult to obtain. Considering these factors and others, the Super 25 was introduced and certainly deserves recognition as a lifetime achievement for any big game hunter.