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»Super Slam - Super Slam Raffle - Recent Winners

Dennis Henderson Video

Drawing #14: We gave away a Rocky Mountain elk hunt in Wyoming with Josh Martoglio and Shoshone Lodge Outfitters on July 17, 20917.  Dennis Henderson (IN) was the lucky winner.  He is pictured here with a Stone sheep he took in 2014.

Tim Torpey Video

Drawing #13: On 7/3/17 we gave away the third sheep in our summer Grand Slam Give-away.  Tim Torpey (MI) was very happy to receive the phone call advising him he had won a Stone sheep hunt with Stone Mtn Safaris in BC.  He is pictured here with a nice mountain caribou he took in 2015.

Kyle Hudgins Video

Drawing #12: Kyle Hudgins (TX) Was drawn on 6/19/17 for a grizzly bear / black bear combo hunt in Alaska.  Kyle will be hunting with Majestic Mountain Outfitters.  He is shown here with his 2014 Stone sheep.   

Duane Dunham Video

Drawing #11: Duane Dunham (WI) has been a faithful participant of the Super Slam Raffle since the very beginning.  His patience was rewarded in a huge way on 6/5/17 when we drew his name for a desert sheep hunt in South Baja Mexico.  Duane is pictured here with a huge elk.

Super Slam Raffle Photo Video

Drawing #10: On May 15, we gave away a Coues deer hunt in Mexico with Martin Leon.  Dave Heft (TX) was the lucky winner.  

Vince Bloom Video

Drawing #9: Vince Bloom (CA) was absolutely thrilled when he took the call from Dennis informing him that he had won a Rocky Mtn bighorn hunt with Savage Encounters.  Vince is pictured here with a nice New Zealand tahr.  

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