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Super Slam Raffle

Super Slam Raffle:

What Are My Odds?



Odds and costs associated with the Super Slam drawings are frankly, amazing. As an example, if a non-resident applies for sheep hunt permits in the 14 western states, they will spend approximately $1200 each year just to be in each draw. Furthermore, they will have to have at their disposal more than $15,000 up front for actual tag costs. Of this huge amount of money, well over $1,200 is not refundable. The odds of actually drawing are, in most cases, far less than 1%... especially if one does not have maximum preference points. The Super Slam drawings give a big game hunter 12 chances for sheep, and an additional 12 chances for other top quality North American big game trophies. If you are (or dream of being) a big game hunter, how can you afford to NOT participate?

Click the Recent Winners link below and see some of the lucky folks who have taken advantage of these great odds and already won a terrific big game hunt.

Super Slam Raffle
Drawing June 1, 2015

Desert Bighorn Sheep

Drawing June 1, 2015 Top Mexico Outfitter South Baja or Sonora Value: $60,000
Drawing June 15, 2015

Coues Deer

Drawing June 15, 2015 Martín León Outfitters Mexico Value: $6,000
Drawing July 6, 2015

Stone Sheep

Drawing July 6, 2015 Yukon Stone Outfitters Yukon Value: $40,000
Drawing July 20, 2015

Moose. Goat, or Caribou

Drawing July 20, 2015 Little Dease Ventures British Columbia Value: $10,000
Drawing August 3, 2015

Dall Sheep

Drawing August 3, 2015 Alaska Trophy Hunts Alaska Value: $16,500
Drawing August 17, 2015

Roosevelt Elk

Drawing August 17, 2015 Spoon Creek Outfitters Oregon Value: $9,000
Drawing September 8, 2015

Dall Sheep

Drawing September 8, 2015 Top AK, Yukon, or NWT Outfitter Alaska, Yukon or NWT Value: $19,500
Drawing September 21, 2015

Pronghorn / Mule Deer Combo

Drawing September 21, 2015 Grizzly Outfitters Wyoming Value: $6,500
Drawing October 5, 2015

Dall Sheep

Drawing October 5, 2015 Top AK, Yukon, or NWT Outfitter Alaska, Yukon, or NWT Value: $19,500
Drawing October 19, 2015


Drawing October 19, 2015 High Plains Adventures Colorado Value: $8,500
Drawing November 2, 2015

Dall Sheep

Drawing November 2, 2015 Top AK, Yukon, or NWT Outfitter Alaska, Yukon, or NWT Value: $21,500
Drawing November 16, 2015

Whitetail Deer

Drawing November 16, 2015 Magnolia Lodge Alabama Value: $4,000
Drawing December 7, 2015

Desert Bighorn Sheep

Drawing December 7, 2015 Top Mexico Outfitter Mexico Value: $60,000
Drawing December 21, 2015


Drawing December 21, 2015 Garrison Ranch Wyoming Value: $5,500