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»Super Slam - FAQ's

Q. Can I join at any time during the year?

A. Yes, anyone can purchase a Super Slam level membership or upgrade their GSCO membership to Super Slam level and participate in the GSCO Members Only Super Slam drawings at any time during the year. The drawings will go on continuously and Super Slam level members will always be eligible for 24 hunt drawings during a consecutive 12 month period after signing up.

Q. I am already a member of GSCO. If I upgrade to a Super Slam level membership do I receive an additional year’s membership in the organization?

A. All GSCO members who upgrade to Super Slam raffle membership will receive a one year membership extension in Grand Slam Club / Ovis and will have all of the rights and benefits of regular membership in the organization Plus the added membership benefit of inclusion in all free hunt drawings. Participation in the Super Slam raffle drawings is not required for membership in Grand Slam Club / Ovis. Regular dues are $60 per year or $150 for three years. Lifetime memberships are available for $1,000.
Purchase a regular GSCO membership. | Purchase or upgrade to Super Slam Raffle membership.

Q. I noticed that there is now a separate publication “Super Slam”. Will that new publication be included with my regular GSCO membership? Are the memberships / publications separate?

A. Yes. Super Slam the publication and the Super Slam recognition program are all owned by the non-profit, conservation organization Grand Slam Club/Ovis. benefits of Membership in GSCO include the publications Grand Slam, Ovis and Super Slam. Benefits of Super Slam level memberships include all benefits of GSCO level membership PLUS inclusion in all 24 free hunt drawings.

Q. What are my odds of winning a GSCO Members Only Super Slam Drawing?

A. This question is almost impossible to answer. The odds are constantly changing but one thing is for certain, members who sign up early in the program will have the best odds of winning since more people will sign up as the program continues. Each member will have only one chance in each drawing that they qualify for. Members cannot puchase additional chances to increase their odds for any one drawing....everyone has an equal chance. Another fact concerning odds of being drawn is this raffle offers a much greater chance of drawing a sheep hunt or premium big game hunt than practically any of the western states. A winner receives a fully guided hunt and not just a tag.

Q. If I win one of the drawings what am I required to pay for?

A .For each of the drawings GSCO has purchased a fully guided hunt with a top quality outfitter. As with any hunt, the hunter will be required to make their own transportation arrangements to / from the outfitter's location. Winner may also be responsible for other fees associated with bush flights, licenses, or tags, etc. Winners are expected to tip guides after the hunt. This is an industry standard and many guides work for tips.

Q. Can I purchase a Super Slam level GSCO Membership for any period less than one year?

A. No. Participation must be for at least 12 consecutive months from join date.

Q. When will my credit card be charged?

A. When you sign up for a Super Slam level membership, your credit card will be charged a SAFETY deposit at sign up. Regular monthly billing will then follow on the first day of each month for 12 consecutive monthsSee next two questions for further explanation.

Q. What if my credit card is declined?

A. Credit cards can be declined for many reasons: Old expiration dates, lost or stolen card, discrepancies in billing address, etc. GSCO uses proprietary, automated software for charging members credit cards each month. When a card is declined, the software will automatically attempt to charge the card again the next day. Any time a members card is declined, they will automatically receive an email notification. At any time a member can update their credit card or other account information by logging in here.

Q. Why am I being charged a SAFETY deposit?

A. For your safety GSCO charges a one time, fully refundable SAFETY deposit of $100 for Super Slam level membership. In the event there is a processing problem with a members credit card prior to a drawing, the deposit insures that a member will not be unnessarily excluded from the drawing. Many times it takes several days or more to correct a credit card billing error. This SAFETY deposit will prevent a member from ever missing out on an opprtunity to win any of the exciting hunt drawings. The safety deposit is fully refundable in the event a member chooses not to re-enter the program for subsequent years.

Q. Can I change / upgrade my hunt with the outfitter? (for example, I won a moose hunt but I need a caribou)

A. Under most circumstances the answer is yes. The value of the hunt you have won can usually be applied toward another species offered by that outfitter. Also, just as with any big game outfitter, the hunt you win may be upgraded within the outfitters published rules to include additional trophies. Any changes will have to be worked out directly between the drawing winner and the outfitter. Remember that all hunts won are just the same as if booked directly with the outfitter.

Q. How do I know the designated year and dates for the hunt I win?

A. Typically this information is available from the outfitter. We will advertise hunt dates and options as much as possible. The winner is responsible for taking the hunt during the designated year and dates. All drawing winners should contact the outfitter immediately after winning to make arrangements for hunt dates. Alternative hunt dates are at the sole discretion of the outfitter according to availability.

Q. I only see drawings for the 2011 calender year. Will the program continue beyond 2011?

A. Yes. GSCO plans to continue providing 24 free hunt drawings to Super Slam members only raffle participants on an ongoing basis.

Q. How will winners be notified?

A. All drawing winners will be called immediately by the GSCO staff. Additionally, winners will be posted on the Super Slam web site.