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Super Slam Raffle Comparison

Super Slam

Western State Draws

Incredible odds! 24 drawings per year (2 drawings per month) for only $50 per drawing.* Very low odds. In fact, less that 1% if you do not already have the maximum preference points.
You are only competing with a few hundred people for HUNTS and you can win multiple times.* You are competing with tens of thousands of people for TAGS only (not a complete hunt), many of which have accumulated several, if not the maximum amount of preference points.
The Super Slam drawings give a hunter up to 12 chances to win sheep hunts for all 4 species of North American wild sheep as well as an additional 12 chances for other top quality North American big game animals including moose, elk, bear, caribou and others for a total of 24 hunts.* If a non-resident applies for sheep, elk, moose, bear, deer, goat, etc. tags in the 14 western states, the will spend WELL OVER $1,200 per year just to apply.
If your name is drawn, the hunt belongs to you! You own it 100%. You can go on the hunt, sell the hunt, upgrade to another animal, or donate the hunt.* If you happen to get picked in one of the state draws, you must have several thousand dollars at your disposal for tag fees, guide fees, and/or other expenses.

*As a big game hunter, how can you NOT afford to be a part of the Super Slam program?