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»Blog - Wow, a 45-incher?

Wow, a 45-incher?
Posted by Dennis Campbell | 9.20.12

Wow, a 45-incher?

Tom Hoffman Jr. of New York is a long-term GSCO member, an Archery Grand Slammer and Archery Super Slammer. Oh yes, he has the Archery Ovis World Slam as well! I guess this proves his support of GSCO. Anyway, Tom sent this photo and was wondering if anyone knew anything about it. He did not give any indication where it came from, or even when it was taken. It does not appear to me to have been Photoshopped. Obviously it is a spectacular Dall sheep, and Tom is the one who said he judged it at 45". I never have claimed to be a good judge of horn length but I would never argue with 45", or even 46" for that matter.

This is my first entry on our new blog. My intention is to share with you folks out there as much as possible about the special tidbits that come in to this office. During any given day, I have a million different thoughts and many of those are triggered by emails or letters that come in to the office. I will try not to bore you with absolute trivia, but will try to post only what I consider to be "meaty" matters. I will probably also post some of my thoughts along the way that might be of interest to you sheep and goat fanatics, but also North American big game hunters in general. With our Super Slam program, we should appeal to almost any big game hunter.

By the way, there are eight of us here in the office. Some of us will be posting more than others, but this blog is set up for any or all of us to post. Again, we will try to not bore you, but hope you enjoy it.

If you happen to know anything about this Dall sheep, please email us at

Dennis Campbell, Executive Director

Grand Slam Club/Ovis