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»Blog - Welcome Donnie Vincent!

Welcome Donnie Vincent!
Posted by Cameron Mitchell | 4.8.14

Welcome Donnie Vincent!

Our good friend Donnie Vincent has come on board with Grand Slam Club/Ovis and you will be seeing more from him in future publications of Slam Quest as well as other places associated with GSCO. Like many of you, Donnie is actively seeking the Super Ten and Super Slam of North American Big Game and has some great stories, photos and videos to share. Check out Donnie's bio and photo gallery below.

Donnie Vincent's Bio:

It was in Connecticut where Donnie Vincent grew up that his love of wildlife and hunting really developed. I know what you're thinking, Connecticut? Wildlife? But it was snapping turtles and leopard frogs and garter snakes that instilled his passion for exploration and biology; he couldn't get enough books about them or all the other animals of the world.

After college Donnie was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to study Bengal tigers in both Bangladesh and Nepal, the studies weren't long in duration, but he found the travel, the element of danger and the exposure to new cultures and wildlife intoxicating. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think he'd be going to work every day on the back of an elephant, incredible!

After his short stint in Asia Donnie ended up taking work with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Alaska. Donnie's job was to collect genetic and age class samples from returning Pacific salmon for a collaborative project between the USFWS, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the Yupik of the Kuskokwim Delta. Long summers living in a 1 person-backpacking tent through all the Alaska weather and wildlife; including the summer Donnie's camp was adopted by a pack of wolves, he lived for it! These adventures while rooted in science are the exact experiences that drew Donnie as a hunter and fisherman to explore the world, to always be willing to keep looking.

Donnie's love of hunting and adventure is no doubt hereditary, however it was his father's stories of hunting northern Maine and his collection of Jack O'Connor authored books that overwhelmed him. Those stories of mountain hunts, the grizzly bears, the pack trains, the hunters taping out their Dall sheep horns by lantern; it was all he ever wanted to do. Today Donnie's driven by his own adventures if for no other reason than to find his own great stories. These are his adventures.

The River's Divide Description:

The River’s Divide is an award-winning documentary that features Donnie Vincent’s two-year bowhunting journey into the badlands of North Dakota. Join Donnie on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure as he attempts to balance his often-obsessive pursuit of a single whitetail buck notoriously nicknamed ‘Steve’. Vincent’s clear love of the harsh and often inhospitable Badlands is apparent as he battles the ups and downs of chasing a mature whitetail in the middle of the vast wilderness.

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