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»Blog - Florida Alligator-Hog Hunt with Outwest Farms

Florida Alligator-Hog Hunt with Outwest Farms
Posted by Cameron Mitchell | 3.20.13

I recently returned home from an awesome adventure down in south Florida- Okeechobee to be exact. I hunted hogs and alligator with Lee Lightsey of Outwest Farms ( and was successful on taking both animals. Lee is a great GSCO supporter and donates to our auction each year. Outwest Farms has hog and gator hunts available year round and both species may be taken with any weapon you wish to use, including rifle, bow, handgun and for the brave at heart, you can also hunt hogs with spear and knife! Typically Lee conducts hunts with rifle or bow from a swamp buggy on private property. He has access to several ranches in the area, and has special permits to take problem gators from ranch cattle ponds. This is a guaranteed hunt and can usually be done in one day. If you're planning a family vacation down to the Orlando area, I would highly recommend you set aside a day and drive down to Lee's place to get an alligator and a few hogs. He has no shortage of either!
This trip was a lot of fun and a great way to beat the winter blues. The weather was beautiful with highs in the mid 70s and the game was plentiful. It was a really "target rich" environment. I shot a meat hog with my bow on the first morning and got a 7'9" alligator later that night, again with my bow. I filmed several other hunters in camp taking hogs as well. No one went home empty handed! Check out this video I put together and if you're interested in hunting with Outwest Farms, give them a call.

Lee Lightsey -Outwest Farms
1921 SW 196th Terrace
Okeechobee, FL 34974
Phone: (863) 634-3262