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»Blog - Auction Elk Tag, Nebraska

Auction Elk Tag, Nebraska
Posted by Dennis Campbell | 10.3.12

Auction Elk Tag, Nebraska

Grand Slam Club/Ovis and FNAWS Iowa Chapter joined together to auction a special Nebraska Governor's Elk Tag at the 2012 GSCO convention. GSCO member Thomas Lemmerholz of Germany was the high bidder. He called me on Saturday, September 29, while I was here at the office working on the Fall issues of our publications. He was a pretty excited guy to report he had gotten a real monster elk on that tag. I asked him to send the photo as soon as he got home, and that he did. You see his elk here, and he reports this:


Dear all,

happy to send you the following picture, gross score B & C: 399 2/8.

Many thanks to Patti Hollibaugh given me the chance to harvest such a magnificant animal.

Best regards

Thomas Lemmerholz


Congratulations, Thomas, on a great elk! I am not sure if I have ever seen a photo taken with a person having their head and body inside the antlers exactly like you did. By you doing so, it really gives a perspective on the true mass of this big bull's antlers.