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On The Road Again
Posted by Michael | 11.6.12

On The Road Again

“On the Road again, Ooooh I just can’t wait to get on the road again!”

Ah the words of Willie Nelson; Perhaps, if my life were a movie, this song would be on repeat. Life over the past year was a blur of travel and a whole lot of miles in Canada and the USA. And I sit here wondering: Where has the time gone?

I began this year on the show circuit with a good friend and colleague, Eva Shockey. Together, we covered five states and three provinces in just ten short weeks throughout the spring. Wrapping up that tour, I went on to work for other chapters in conversation before preparing for the busy seasons ahead. May through mid-June brought me to Jim Shockey’s Pacific Rim Guide Outfitters for black...

Tips for taking GREAT field photos
Posted by Dave Pridemore | 10.16.12

Tips for taking GREAT field photos

(Original version posted in Grand Slam Magazine in 2006)

#1 Keep the sun behind you. Modern Camera's measure the light for you automatically.  Keeping the sun behind the photographer's back prevents the camera’s light meter from being fooled by direct sunlight and reduces lens flare. With the sun behind you, enough light reaches the subject to showcase a wide variety of color without washing out features such as skin tones or light colored fur.  When the sun is behind your subject, they become a dark silhouette, when the sun is to one side, the shadows can be very stark on the far side of your subject.

#2 Shoot vertically oriented  shots. Many times rotating the camera 90 degrees allows...

More than numbers
Posted by Dave Pridemore | 10.5.12

More than numbers

Archiving, documenting and recognizing big game hunting accomplishments is not only one of our core services to members, it’s one of our favorite things to do around here.  So you should know, when you go out to “complete” your Grand Slam or “finish” your Super Ten, you have a big cheering section here in the office pulling for you.  We LOVE seeing the photos and hearing the stories of your adventures.  In light of that, you may be interested to see a few lists of registered Slammers we’ve compiled since 1956, when founder Bob Housholder began keeping notes.

1728 Grand Slams (including 58 ladies) 52 Archery Grand Slams 265 Ovis World Slams 60 Ovis World Slam...

To cross or not to cross? That is the question…
Posted by Cameron Mitchell | 10.4.12

On a recent bowhunt in Australia I got introduced to some of the local wildlife. Enjoy!

Scoring a Dall Sheep
Posted by Cameron Mitchell | 10.3.12

Clay Colwell (GA) brought his Dall Sheep by the office to get scored.

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