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Trophy Awards

2014 Trophy Awards


2014 Bouchard Summit Award
James K. Lines receives the Bouchard Summit Award from GSCO Director Mark Hampton.  The award is named after long-time GSCO Board member Francis Bouchard and is presented each year for the top rifle taken North American ram.  James was recognized for a beautiful Stone ram he took with Big Nine Outfitters. (above right)
2014 Frost-Hoffman Summit Award
Outfitter Chris Faber of Bear Paw Hunts accepts the 2014 Frost-Hoffman Summit Award for a monster Montana bighorn taken by his hunter Jim Hens (above right).  Presenting the plaque to Chris are bowhunting legends and award namesakes Jack Frost (L) and Tom Hoffman (R)
2014 Donald Cox International Capra Award
GSCO board member Mark Hampton (R)  presents the 2014 Donald Cox International Capra Summit Award plaque to Kaan Karakaya of Shikar Safaris.  Kaan was the outfitter for Summit Award recipient Richard Sand when he took a fine Anatolian chamois in Turkey.  Kaan accepted the award in Richard's absence.
2014 Golabchi International Sheep Award
Maurice R. 'Bob' Johnson receives the 2014 Golabchi International Sheep Award from GSCO board member Keith Hite (L) and award namesake Soudy Golabchi (R).  Bob acheived Summit Award status for his great Himalayan blue sheep taken in Nepal.




Below is the complete list of 2014 Trophy Award recipients

North American Sheep - Rifle
Rank Name Animal SCI Score Outfitter/Guide
DIAMOND Doug Leech Dall Sheep 171 5/8 Bill Stevenson's Alaska Outfitters
PLATINUM Brian Valentine Dall Sheep 170 2/8 Alaska Trophy Adventures
GOLD Don Perrien Dall Sheep 168 7/8 Alaska Trophy Adventures
SILVER Dennis Arnst Dall Sheep 165 7/8 Ultima Thule Outfitters
BRONZE Tony Ward Dall Sheep 165 5/8 Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters
BRONZE Rick Warren Dall Sheep 161 5/8 Ruby Range Outfitters
BRONZE Gary Mefford Dall Sheep 161 2/8 Redstone Trophy Hunts
BRONZE Gary Young Dall Sheep 161 1/8  

DIAMOND James K. Lines Stone Sheep 184 3/8 Big Nine Outfitters
PLATINUM Rick Warren Stone Sheep 178 4/8 Prophet Muskwa Outfitters
GOLD Doug Leech Stone Sheep 175 6/8 Ram Head Outfitters
SILVER Marty Loring Stone Sheep 175 3/8 Self-Guided
BRONZE Alexander Egorov Stone Sheep 174 7/8 Prophet Muskwa Outfitters
BRONZE Gustavo Arvelo Stone Sheep 173 2/8 Prophet Muskwa Outfitters
BRONZE Garry Van Hee Stone Sheep 172 7/8 Prophet Muskwa Outfitters
BRONZE Pat Warr Stone Sheep 169 0/8 3-B Outfitters
BRONZE George Lawrence III Stone Sheep 167 6/8 Yukon Stone Outfitters

DIAMOND Thomas Teague California Bighorn 174 0/8 Okanagan Outfitters
PLATINUM Ridr Knowlton California Bighorn 166 6/8 Ambler's Bighorn Guiding

DIAMOND Kevin S. Small Rocky Mountain Bighorn 188 7/8 Tucannon Outfitters
PLATINUM Rick Warren Rocky Mountain Bighorn 187 4/8 Frontier Outfitting
GOLD Richard L'Esperance Rocky Mountain Bighorn 185 7/8 Frontier Outfitting
SILVER Doug Leech Rocky Mountain Bighorn 185 5/8 Simpson's Stone Sheep Ltd.

DIAMOND Chase Willis Desert Bighorn 192 1/8 Frontier Outfitting
PLATINUM John Berens Desert Bighorn 187 1/8 San Gorgonio Outfitters
PLATINUM Brian Valentine Desert Bighorn 187 1/8 Tucannon Outfittters
GOLD Ron Crowe Desert Bighorn 183 2/8 Little Horn Outfitters
GOLD Todd Mast Desert Bighorn 183 2/8 Little Horn Outfitters
SILVER Everett B. Pannkuk, Jr. Desert Bighorn 180 3/8 Amigos Guides & Outfitters
BRONZE Richard T. L'Esperance Desert Bighorn 180 0/8 Alcampo Hunting Adventures
BRONZE Mike Vail Desert Bighorn 179 1/8 San Gorgonio Outfitters
BRONZE Troy Chandler Desert Bighorn 179 0/8 Sonora Dark Horn Adventures
BRONZE Joanne Sibley Desert Bighorn 177 5/8 Desert Hunt
BRONZE Rick Warren Desert Bighorn 176 3/8 Trans-Pecos Guide Service
BRONZE Gregg Eshelman Desert Bighorn 176 1/8 One-on-One Adventures
BRONZE Ted Trout Desert Bighorn 176 1/8 Wexford Hunting Company
BRONZE Jeff Jones Desert Bighorn 172 6/8 San Gorgonio Outfitters
BRONZE Bill Walters Desert Bighorn 171 4/8 Turner Ranch Outfitting
BRONZE Sumner "Reggie" Cullom Desert Bighorn 171 0/8 Ejido Alfredo V. Bonfil
BRONZE Phillip Leon Desert Bighorn 169 3/8 San Gorgonio Outfitters


North American Archery
RANK NAME ANIMAL SCI Score Outfitter/Guide
DIAMOND Bob Sherer DALL SHEEP 153 6/8 Alaska Trophy Safaris

DIAMOND Rob Gerstner STONE SHEEP 154 1/8 Big Nine Outfitters
PLATINUM Tom Foss STONE SHEEP 148 4/8 Reynolds Outfitting

DIAMOND Jim Hens ROCKY MOUNTAIN BIGHORN 200 4/8 Bear Paw Hunts, Inc.
PLATINUM Sid Strzok ROCKY MOUNTAIN BIGHORN 174 5/8 Self-guided
GOLD Charles Trover ROCKY MOUNTAIN BIGHORN 155 1/8 Shoshone Outfitters
SILVER Rob Gerstner ROCKY MOUNTAIN BIGHORN 155 0/8 Simpson Stone Sheep Ltd.

DIAMOND Tom Foss DESERT BIGHORN 176 4/8 Mexico Hunts
PLATINUM Cam Foss DESERT BIGHORN 159 0/8 Mexico Hunts
GOLD Rob Gerstner DESERT BIGHORN 154 3/8 Solimar Safaris
SILVER Adam Foss DESERT BIGHORN 148 3/8 Mexico Hunts


International Sheep
SCI Score Name Animal SCI Score
DIAMOND Maurice R. "Bob" Johnson Himalayan Blue sheep 141 2/8
PLATINUM Bela Hidvegi Koryak Snow Sheep 155 3/8
PLATINUM Bela Hidvegi Punjab Urial 131 2/8
PLATINUM Malcolm King Himalayan Blue sheep 133 1/8
GOLD Mike Simpson Marco Polo Argali 225 7/8
GOLD Antal Beck Himalayan Blue Sheep 127 7/8
GOLD Bela Hidvegi Kamchatka Snow Sheep 169 2/8
SILVER Richard Sand Himalayan Blue Sheep 125 4/8
SILVER Gary Young Marco Polo Argali 216 3/8
BRONZE Antal Beck Armenian Mouflon 125 0/8 


International Capra
Rank Name Animal SCI Score
DIAMOND Richard Sand Anatolian Chamois 27 5/8
PLATINUM Malcolm King Caucasian Chamois 24 5/8
PLATINUM Antal Beck Persian Desert Ibex 101 3/8
GOLD Brian Hauck Anatolian Chamois 26 6/8
GOLD Jay Furney Pyrenean Chamois 24 6/8
GOLD Malcolm King Kri-Kri Ibex 90 5/8
SILVER Gary Young Sindh Ibex 99 1/8
SILVER Jay Furney Cantabrian Chamois 21 3/8
BRONZE Jay Furney Gredos Ibex 86 1/8
BRONZE Wayne Farnsworth, Jr. Southeastern Ibex 77 6/8