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2015 Hossein (Soudy) Golabchi


2015 Pantheon recipient Soudy Golabch

It is really not difficult to describe this man’s qualifications.  For example, he is one of only five people to have completed the Ovis World Slam Super 40, and he did that way back in 2004.  As for the Capra World Slam Super 30, he got that done in 2012 and it features his world record mid-Asian ibex from Tajikistan.  He received SCI’s World Conservation and Hunting Award in 2013. Ironically, completing the Super Slam of North American Big Game is what slowed Soudy down.  His final trophy was a Sitka blacktail, and he made four trips over two years to get it.  Finally, in 2014 he scored during a trip with Jack Frost on Kodiak Island.
















Pictured from left to right are 2014 Pantheon inductee Dennis Campbell, 2013 Inductee Ed Yates, and 2015

inductees Kenneth Barr, Hossein (Soudy) Golabchi, and Alain Smith.