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What makes a legend in big game hunting circles? Who can qualify? Many times it is a long-standing guide or outfitter who has helped literally hundreds achieve their mountain hunting goals. For example, Legend recipient Pete Jensen who ran the longest running guide service in the history of Yukon hunting; or Mongolian guide Adiya Tundev who has guided more international hunters to huge argalis than anyone alive. It could also be a legendary hunter, such as Legend recipient Francis Bouchard who was the first to document five Grand Slams; or Dr. Robert “Bob” Speegle who after taking his Super Slam with a rifle took up bow hunting (at age 60) and then documented his second Super Slam taken soley by the archery method. A legend award recipient has a stellar reputation and has earned the respect and recognition of the entire industry by demonstrating a lifetime commitment to big game hunting and conservation.

2014 Legend Dick and Ethel Leedy


For the first time ever, the Legend Award was presented to a husband wife team.  Dick and Ethel Leedy of Pennsylvania were honored as the 2014 recipients at the 10th Anuual Hunner & Outfitter Convention in Reno, NV.     Ethel was born in 1928 on a small farm in Pennsylvania. Along with her older sisters and younger brother, she learned early about dedication, perseverance, and hard work.  Daily tasks like loading hay, stacking wheat, digging potatoes, cutting corn and a 6 mile round trip walk to school were a great... read more

2013 Legend Hector Cuellar


Hector Cuellar was born in 1931 in Mexico City. He received a degree in chemical engineering in 1955. He and his wife Bertha have five children and eleven grandchildren. He has been extremely successful with his business of manufacturing industrial valves in Mexico, as well as other countries around the world. He remains extremely involved in the business even today, but through the years has taken more than 350 different species and subspecies from around the world. He was presented with the Weatherby Award in 1986 and has won several of... read more

2012 Legend Butch White


Butch White certainly began his hunting career at an early age. He was just a youngster in 1950 when he bagged a Colorado muley. He began sheep hunting in the early 1950s as well, taking his first Dall sheep in 1954. By 1969, he had completed his Grand Slam and has a very low documentation number of 71. Butch was a banker by career and had many of his trophies displayed at the First National Bank of Durango. Although he was a pioneer for many Asian sheep hunts, he did not neglect the North American species along the way,taking several outstanding... read more

2011 not presented

2010 Legend Dr. Robert “Bob” Speegle


Every single past Legend Award winner has been chosen for their specific contributions. Each has been unique in what set them apart for such status as a legend. Bob Speegle is no different. As a hunter, he is definitely not over the hill, and as a conservationist he seems to be working as hard as ever, and shows no sign of slowing down. When we focus predominantly on his lifelong mountain hunting passion, we easily see why he is worthy of the legend title. Bob has won practically every major hunting award in the world. To help prove this point, we... read more

2009 Legend Pete Jensen


The 2009 Legend Award honoree was revealed at the 5th Annual Hunter & Outfitter Convention on February 21, 2009 during the Saturday evening awards banquet. For 44 years, Pete Jensen has been providing hunters with the best the Yukon has to offer — longer than any other northern outfitter in history. But most important has been his dedication to the mountains that pulled him from a career with the Mounties and dropped him into a deserving place in history. While teenagers were busy screaming about The Beatles debut on the Ed Sullivan Show,... read more

2008 Legend Adiya Tundev


The name Adiya Tundev is almost synonymous with Mongolia’s argali sheep. He is by far the most famous of all the guides of Mongolia, and his participation in guiding western hunters for Mongolia’s sheep dates back almost to its inception. One thing is for sure: in the 1980s, 1990s, and up to the present, he has certainly gotten the “big ones” for his clients. Adiya became “the” person to hunt with if a hunter wanted to have a chance at a sixty-incher from the Altay Mountains. Rudolf Sand of Denmark wrote in his book... read more

2007 Legend Francis Bouchard


Francis X. Bouchard was born in Illinois on January 16, 1918, to Alexia Grant and Ameddie Lewis Bouchard. His mother’s uncle gave Francis his first rifle at age seven, and he began his hunting career by going after rabbits at age eight. A shotgun was added to Francis’s arsenal at age 13, and he says that one is in his gun case to this day. After high school, Francis went into the Air Corps for two years, then returned home to start his farming career with his dad. Francis farmed full time in Illinois until the early 1960s. Francis began his... read more

2006 Legend Albert Cooper


The East Kootenay has long been home to an abundance of wildlife. Native people, trappers, packers and early explorers utilized this resource for sustenance. Eventually guide/outfitters offered their services to outdoors people for mountain climbing and hunting. One such highly respected individual is local Valley resident Albert Cooper, whose outfit enabled hundreds of people to enjoy the backcountry with a safe, exciting experience. His concern for the big game animals and his long time affiliation with the Eastern chpter of the Foundation for North... read more

2005 Legend Alex Van Bibber


Alex Van Bibber was born under a spruce tree, beside the Pelly River in the central Yukon in 1916.  Alex's father, Ira Van Bibber was a native of West Virginia, and came to the Yukon over the famed Chilkoot Pass in 1898 with the rush of stampeders bound for the Klondike goldfields. Later, Ira met his Northern Tutchone native wife, Eliza, and together they had 14 children, all born and raised in the wilds of the Yukon.  In addition to raising a very large family in the wilderness, Ira also guided a few hunting parties, including a hunter... read more