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North America

To qualify for the SuperSlam of North American Big Game, you must have completed the SuperTen of NABG and take all of the following animals (except Auxiliary Trophy Animals) Archery hunters: pre-2009 need not have taken the Tule Elk.

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SLAM QUEST is a most appropriate name to represent all the amazing Slams, milestones and awards GSCO has developed over the years. Whether it is a Grand Slam, Ovis World Slam, Capra World Slam, Triple Slam, Super Slam, Super Ten or Super 25, at any given time there are literally thousands of our members on a particular "quest."


Are you looking for the latest hunting news and info from GSCO? Well check out the Super Slam blog page and see what’s been on our mind lately. Topics may include staff hunting trips, current events at the office, convention info, just to name a few.

The Great Wild Sheep Adventure - Leonard Hansen

The Great Wild Sheep Adventure - Leonard Hansen